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  3. I’m pretty sure my TV just died. :’(

  5. kspaceman:

    I love roof tents.

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  6. I bought a hardtail mountain bike today. On the way home from purchasing the bike I already wanted to sell it. Will most likely throw it back on Craigslist later on today lol.

  7. Damnnn bruhh. Where everyone at doe?
    I hella miss the good ol days of AIM.

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    Ayisha Diaz


  9. About time

     after waiting since the end of June I finally received my unemployment funds. 

  10. fuckyescalifornia:

    "Dawn Hikers" by Steve Kody | Mission Peak, Fremont, CA

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  11. Finally got rid of my 2 piece comb over. Shit takes too long to do everyday. It was fun while it lasted (2 weeks). But I’m not sure how I feel about this skin fade with the lined up corners. I shouldnt have gotten it doe because every time I try something new I always end up not liking it.


  12. You ever workout so hoard that you barfed? Well, I did. I threw up in my mouth a tad bit 5 minutes ago. So gross I could taste my dinner.

  13. The best pillow a guy could ask for.


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